JointPro Advance

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Australia’s leading mobility support for Pets!
JointPro Advance is an ideal supplement to support pets recovering from injury, highly active dogs or large breeds who require additional joint support.
Made from a unique blend of ancient herbs, all designed to keep the bounce in your pets life.

  • Promote healthy joint mobility
  • Support growth and maintenance of joints
  • Easily digested and will not inflame stomach

JointPro Advance comes in an easy-dose gel capsule and is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages



JointPro Advance is an ideal supplement to support pets recovering from injury, with a unique blend of herbs designed to support bone and joint repair.
Also suitable for active and working pets who rely on healthy joints or large breeds who need specific supplements to support growth and maintenance of their joints in order to avoid growth related issues.
Made from a unique blend of ancient herbs, all designed to keep the bounce in your pet’s life.  The powder supplement is encased in a gel capsules for easy delivery and suitable for fussy eaters who don’t like the taste of natural supplements.

Epemedium, Dipsaci, Psoralea corylifolia, Bakuchiol, Rehmania, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Anemarhena, Herba pyrolae

  • Glucosamine free
  • Shellfish free
  • Promote healthy joint mobility
  • Support healthy cartilage and bone
  • Support growth and maintenance of joints
  • Pre & post-injury support
  • High strength, small dosage formulation
  • Avoid palatability issues with easy-dose gel capsules
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages

I prefer powder, do you make a powder form?
The good news is the capsules are made from soft gel and can easily be opened to release the powder inside. You can then simply measure the quantity of powder needed per dose.
Does it contain animal based ingredients?
Not at all. Every ingredient is from plant matter and 100% natural.
Can this be used in conjunction with OsteoForte?
Yes, in fact many elderly pets use both our joint products for maximum support.
What is the difference between OsteoForte and JointPro Advance?
OsteoForte is designed to support pets with osteoarthritis where JointPro Advance is designed to support pets with other joint issues.

Additional information

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Dimensions 6.2 × 10.52 cm

5 reviews for JointPro Advance

  1. Sophia

    My dog Leo was diagnosed with lasting patella grade 3
    The vet suggested surgery
    In the meantime I started him on joint pro advance
    A month later we took him to Werrebee animal hospital
    The vet advised us to continue giving him the join pro advance
    Leo looks healthy now and enjoys his long walks

  2. Natalia Troubnicova

    I am truly happy with the product. My greyhound Bella is on it

  3. Kate Pascoe

    Have had my nearly 9 year old Charlie on this for just over two months. Within a week I could see a difference, and now he’s the best I can remember him in years. He has no trouble keeping up with an 20 month old energetic puppy, and seems to be SO happy again. The BEST thing ever

  4. Kate

    About 2 weeks ago Jacqueline recommended JointPro Advance for my 8 year old poodle cross. I can’t believe the difference already – Charlie has stopped licking at his feet and joints, is so relaxed and happy. When he plays with his 2 year old best mate he’s running, jumping and prancing around like a puppy. Thank you so much Jacqueline, you and your products have helped us so much x

  5. Kate

    I thought you might like some feed back on your Join Pro Advance My first 3 Bullmastiffs I had no idea of your product and all there hip scores came back in the height 20’s . Now I have used it and I have just had 4 girls scored My results where fantastic considering they all come from the same lines . How ever not sure it works as will for elbows 5/3 total 8 hips elbows 2/0 4/4 total 8 hips elbows 2/2 9/9 total 18 hips elbows 1/1 this girl is the biggest girl I have and was very worried but very happy 2/3 total 5 hips elbows 1/0 So as you can see I am very happy, I have 2 more to score later in the year both very very big heavy dogs , so I am hoping your formula will help them to . I would like to promote your product on my website, I do tell all my puppy families to feed it to there new pup but I would love you promote it if that’s aloud Thanks

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