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You will be happy to know NAS will continue to deliver it’s renowned range of supplements World Wide to any address to any pet every day.

We are unable to offer delivery at this time for our frozen food ranges FreshRAW, FreshRAW Plus & NAS Aquatics. To find your local stockist please click here and enter your address details and a list of local stockists will be displayed.

Who are Natural Animal Solutions?

Operating since 2005, our family members mean everything to us…

Some of them just so happen to walk on four legs.

It is no secret that we are driven by our passion for pets!

We want nothing more than to see our pets (and yours) live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our Values

The Natural Animal Solutions pet healthcare range has a respected point of difference, accredited to four key elements:



We continuously create and introduce brand new formulations and treatment methods into the pet healthcare industry.

Effective formulations: 

Our clinically proven and tested formulations are unique and efficacious.


Taste, effectiveness, ease of administration and cost to the consumer are prime factors in product creation.


 Working with our partners in human manufacturing and development, we provide ongoing research so that our products always deliver what they promise.


Natural Animal Solutions can see a future where pet healthcare is affordable to all pet parents.


Humans can simply treat basic issues with over the counter medications from a local pharmacy, we see this to be the future for pets also.


Simple and common treatments should be available to everyone including those who can’t afford veterinary treatment or for those who seek an effective natural alternative.


Together, these factors will bring progressive change for the mutual benefit of pet parents and their pets.


One of the reasons why we are trusted by so many professionals throughout the world is that we’re more than just a pet healthcare supplier.


For many years, at our animal naturopathic clinic, we have been providing effective care for all kinds of skin conditions, from the mildest to the most severe irritations you could possibly imagine.


Our extensive skincare range which includes internal supplementation packs and external topical treatments has been developed in our labs and implemented in our clinics before being made available to the retail shelf for purchase.


It all began with a little dog called Chloe. 

Chloe suffered from skin allergies from a very young age. Years of relying on traditional medicine had only seemed to make her problems worse. Things became so bad for poor Chloe that vets actually recommended euthanasia as the last resort to end her suffering.


This is when I realized that it was up to me to help my beloved pet. I was her best, and possibly only, advocate. So I began my studies to become an animal naturopath and got Chloe started on natural treatments right away.

I saw small improvements immediately and began to perfect her treatment. This led to the creation of Natural Animal Solutions. Our Skin Pack and the whole product range that you see in shops today.


After treatment with the Skin Pack, her hair grew back, her cheeky grin returned and most importantly, she stopped scratching! We finally had a happy little dog and an even happier family. Chloe lived until she was 15 years old.

Today, our all natural pet healthcare range is used to help pets around the world. I like to think of this as Chloe’s legacy.

Jacqueline Rudan

Animal Naturopath/Director

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