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About the clinic

Natural Animal Solutions Animal Naturopathic clinic is a modern practice run by one of Australia’s most experienced Animal Naturopaths Jacqueline Rudan.


At the forefront of innovation and research we regularly implement the latest medical developments in natural medicines and modern techniques.


A fully comprehensive consultation which involves analysis of medical history and test results, physical assessment, dietary assessment and treatment program.


Behind the medicine there is a story to tell

It all began with a little dog called Chloe. Chloe suffered from skin allergies from a very young age. Years of relying on traditional medicine had only seemed to make her problems worse. Things became so bad for poor Chloe that vets actually recommended euthanasia as the last resort to end her suffering.

This is when I realized that it was up to me to help.

NAS – the skin care specialists

For many years, at our animal naturopathic clinic, we have been providing effective care for all kinds of skin conditions, from the mildest to the most severe irritations you could possibly imagine.

Latest News

Fast effective relief is now available without the need for costly treatments. We have created unique, all natural formulations.


I’ve been using this product for my Staffy for 3 yrs now as a preventative for skin problems which staffies can be prone to. I’ve had excellent results with no skin issues and I am always receiving comments on how incredibly shiny his black coat is!

I have a 12 year old Basset hound with years of constant skin problems caused through her thyroid condition. She is allergic to everything. This product soothes and stops her constant nibbling at her skin or paws. Excellent and well recommended.The service is excellent and have the product within a couple of days.

Have tried many products to clear up what became ongoing ear problems for my mastiff, including hundreds of dollars on prescrptions from vet. This product eliminated any irritation, smell & residue from both ears very quickly!!!




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