Goat Milk Powder

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Rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and bio-available protein
Goat Milk Powder contains a multitude of nutrients and is often referred to as the most nutrient dense bio-available food source available. Our formula is 100% filler and dairy free, making it ideal for weaning, malnutrition and upset tummies.

  • Low in lactose
  • Highly digestible
  • Free from fillers, colours, flavours or preservatives

Goat Milk Powder can be used for cats, dogs, horses, as well as livestock; sheep, goats, cattle, chickens, pigs and native Australian wildlife.



Goat Milk Powder has been carefully selected from only the finest ingredients. Our formula is 100% filler and dairy free and contains no whey protein (a protein often associated with causing diarrhea).
Goat Milk Powder contains a multitude of nutrients and is often referred to as the most nutrient dense bio-available food source, making it ideal for weaning, malnutrition and upset tummies.
We take great pride in the fact that our Goat Milk Powder is human grade and 100% filler free. It is low in lactose and highly digestible. Perfect for pets, livestock and wildlife of all ages.

Ingredients: 100% spray dried goat milk powder (human grade)
Nutritional analysis:

1 scoop = metric teaspoon
For a more comprehensive guide to feeding puppies & kittens, please follow this link:
Add to food or mix with water
Add 1 serve to food or mix 1 serve with 150ml of water
To make 1 serve:
Place 3 heaped scoops (20g) of powder into a glass (Please note there is approx 5g of powder per teaspoon). Measure out 150ml of water. Mix the powder in sufficient water to form a smooth paste then add the remaining water.

  • Ideal milk replacement for most orphan animals
  • Great taste that animals love
  • Rich in complex nutrients
  • Great value nutritional treat

Is this safe for new born puppies and kittens?
Goat Milk is a perfect substitute for new born puppies and kittens after the first two days of being born. During the first two days of life, we advise giving newborns only their mother’s milk for the first 36 hours at least. However, if this is not available you can also give newborns a colostrum formula which can be found on our web site.
Is this safe for wildlife and other animals?
Yes, goat milk is a safe milk alternative for all mammals, including wildlife (possums, kangaroos etc). It can also be give given as a milk replacement for larger animals such as cows, sheep and alpaca and smaller animal such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents.
Are there any fillers in this product?
No, we do not use any fillers in our products, so the dosage rates are very low.
Where is the goat milk sourced from?
Our Goat Milk is sourced from within Australia, supporting local farms in Victoria.
Can I give this to my adult dog or cat?
Yes, Goat Milk is a wonderful treat for both dogs and cats. It is a particularly good way to encourage cats to drink during hot weather.

Additional information

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6 reviews for Goat Milk Powder

  1. Jodie

    Hot summer weather, my cats never drink and look drained and lethargic. I put some of this in front of them and they re hydrate and bounce back to their normal selves.

  2. Marls

    My dogs absolutely love this product. It is very good for them as it doesn’t contain lactose, but is full of vitamins and minerals. As soon as I get the jug out to make the mixture, they come running!

  3. Brenda Gale

    Excellent. The puppies loved it.

  4. Jill Greenwood

    very good product. Incredible service ordered one day had it the next morning

  5. Margaret

    one of my birman cats started to lose weight, he was 8 and lost a kilogram, after all the tests couldn’t find a cause so decided to try goats milk to try to help him maintain his weight, it has worked. He loves it and has put on a bit and is looking much better.

  6. Simone Robertson

    Fantastic! I bought this product to hand raise my baby ferrets after their mum suffered calcium deficiency due to the babies suckling so much. The babies take to this formula like it is going out of fashion and I even gave it to their mum to help restore calcium levels. She has made a full recovery and the babies have grown large and healthy. I also have given this to my pet lamb and she loves it too. I recommend this to anyone who has babies needing to be formula fed

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