Skin Pack

Healthy from the inside
With THREE of our most popular supplements in one convenient pack, Skin Pack will allow your pet’s to receive all the nutrients and support they require for healthy skin, coat and overall health and vitality from the inside.

  • Improve digestive health
  • Suitable for allergies and dietary related conditions
  • Packed full of prebiotic, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants

Skin Pack has been developed by our naturopath and contains Omega Oil 3,6 & 9, DigestaVite Plus and High Potency Vitamin in one convenient value pack. Suitable for daily use for dogs and cats of all ages.

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Skin Pack has THREE of our most popular skin supplements in ONE.
PRODUCT 1: Omega Oils are known to be effective against skin and joint conditions. They can also improve digestive health and support your pet’s heart and brain. In fact Omega Oil supplements are just as beneficial to your pet’s diet as they are to our diet.
PRODUCT 2: DigestaVite Plus is a great tasting, mega-complex dietary supplement containing 48 essential vitamins, minerals, pre-biotics and anti-oxidants sourced from high quality, natural ingredients.
PRODUCT 3: High Potency Vitamin C to support our pets if their diet is inadequate or their needs alter due to age or seasonal changes. Vitamin C in particular supports skin tissue, maintains healthy gums, supports synthesis of many B vitamins and is an excellent detoxification to help remove free radicals from the body.
A great introductory pack with everything your pet needs for internal health.

See individual pages for full product ingredient listings
DigestaVite Plus
High Potency Vitamin C
Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil for pets

Each pump of Omega Oil 3, 6 & 9 provides an approximate serve of 1ml
Delivery: 1 x Liquid oil, 2 x Powders
Contraindications: Pancreatitis/Seafood allergy
*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice

  • Australian first in skin care support – contains three products in one handy pack
  • Designed to support your pet’s skin from the inside
  • Based upon traditional naturopathic methods and principals
  • Suitable for allergies and dietary related conditions
  • Suitable for licking, chewing and biting
  • Great tasting easy-dose supplement
  • Suitable for skin types: dry skin, oily skin, malodour
  • Great tasting easy-dose supplement
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages

Is this to put on my pets fur or their food?
Skin Pack is a range of three products in one. All three products are supplements, which are added to each meal to enhance the nutrients in their diet.
Is the Skin Pack only for skin?
No, while the products in Skin Pack are designed to promote healthy skin and coat, they also support many other functions within the body, such as immune system, digestion, illness etc.
How long does the Skin Pack last?
All three products within the Skin Pack are used in different quantities over time. Omega Oil 3, 6, 9 will be used the quickest and can be replaced with a full size option as it is used daily. DigestaVite Plus would be the next item to you will need to replace and will take approximately twice as long as the Omega Oil. Then the High Potency Vitamin C will take the longest and may not need replacing, this will depend on the health issues your pet is suffering with. Overall, Skin Pack is a great introduction to our three most popular supplements.
My pet is in recovery from a snake bite, can I use this?
Yes, while Skin Pack is predominately for skin and coat health, it is also a great mix of products to help support the immune system when in recovery from snake bites, spider bites, tick bites etc. Of course, you should seek medical attention immediately after any serious bite and we can be there to help your pet through the recovery phase.
How long will Skin Pack last?
As each pet is different, you will use all three products inside the Skin Pack at different rates. On average the Skin Pack will last between 2 to 4 weeks until you need to replace one of the items.
Should I use this every day?
Yes, we recommend using Skin Pack or the equivalent full size products every day to keep the immune system strong and to promote overall health.

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