There are many pet food diets on the market produced by dietitians, chefs, vets and scientist, all with the aim of producing a balanced, thoughtful and well researched diet, but we must ask if they are using the right ingredients.

Many commercial foods look good on paper. They have

  • Correct nutrient values
  • Good mix of ingredients

However, they are often high in carbohydrates (grains and vegetables) and high in fats or offal. The ingredients are often cooked (some raw), refined or poor quality which alters the digestive acids within a pet’s stomach, which can lead to health issues for some animals in the long or short term.

Think of our own diets and how we would feel eating a heavily processed dry food or simply eating sludge every day of our lives. The foods may be nutritionally balanced, and we could probably live on it for many years.

But, are we overworking our digestive system, causing unseen issues?

We need to ask the same about our pet’s food.

The science of naturopathy has always been about choosing the right ingredients for the digestive system to function at its best by:

  • Avoiding ingredients that cause inflammation
  • Include nourishing, species specific, biologically appropriate, unrefined raw foods
  • Ensuring the diet is complete and balanced

If you would like to know more about the science of naturopathy, please see our page “About Naturopathy” for further information.