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  • The Natural Animal Solutions product range is an extensive range of natural medicines, supplements and grooming products unique to the Australian market.

  • Working in conjunction with research and formulation leaders of the Australian Naturopathic industry to develop optimum formulas for animals. The Natural Animal Solutions product range represents some of the most well-researched and effectual remedies available. Only using the purest, highest quality raw materials.

  • We have combined the best of scientific research with the long standing use of traditional complimentary medicine to bring herbal medicine to the forefront of the pet industry.

  • Our products are used and respected in Australia and Internationally by vets, groomers, naturopaths, physical therapists, kennels, pet health professionals and caring pet owners wanting the best for their pets.

  • Our clinic provides an opportunity for the latest research findings and new formulations to be applied directly during clinical practice. This enables Natural Animal Solutions to create cutting edge, clinically proven treatment for your pets conditions before they reach the retail shelves.

Most Common Conditions


Kinta - Severe flea allergy, vomiting and immune depletion

"Hi Jacqueline,
Hope you are well, just a quick update on my glorious baby, she is really improving leaps and bounds.  She is heaps better and the abscess hardly know she'd had it, hair growing back and she is engaging with the other cats as she hasn't for so long. She's been playing chassy with Lily down the hall.
Last night she was siting right were the sun comes in the front door an rolling over asking for a tummy rub ever time we cam near her. We can pat her all over her body right down to the tail with out her reacting. She has only had 2 episodes of vomiting fairly small since we saw you."
Dee P

"All Breeds Boarding Kennels and Cattery we are dedicated users and resellers of Natural Animal Solutions products. We use the oils and other supplements for our long term boarders to ensure we send them home with lovely shiny coats and great health. We constantly discuss diet with our clients and regularly recommend NAS products for our clients' pets. NAS products are also sold by us to retail customers and the sales volumes are constantly increasing as people realise what great products these are.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend NAS products." All Breeds Boarding Kennels and Cattery 325 Westernport Highway, Lyndhurst

I want to thank and acknowledge you for curing my beloved Heeler X, Otis, of his chronic skin condition. When we visited you in 2008 Otis had suffered severely of skin rashes to nearly 50% of his body for the past 7 years. His skin was itchy, red and often weeping. He would scratch and bite himself, often breaking the skin and he molted profusely. He was very uncomfortable. I had tried so many other vets and specialists but in the end found that cortisone was the only relief which long term, I believe, would've shortened his life. A friend found you on the internet to whom I will be forever grateful. After one month of treatment and diet change Otis had improved remarkably and it wasn't long before he was completely free of skin allergies.

It is now 2011 and we haven't looked back. There has been no sign of any skin allergy since. I really wish I had photos of his skin in its chronic allergy state to show the world what a miracle your treatment has been for Otis. We both thank you so very much and do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has a dog that would benefit from your treatment."- Marilyn and Otis

Great stuff, very allergic staffie and this helps enormously, good price also. - Kathleen

  • Repeat purchase of this product, great for my staffie, especially with his allergies. - Kathleen

  • My cat had dandruff and Dr Sara recommended this product as well as treating for fleas, I only used the 3ml per day , and already within 3 weeks she looks better, and both cats have shiny coats. - Jeanette Wright

  • "This product has helped the dry flaky skin condition of both my dogs in a very short time, I will definitely continue using it"- Julie

    Maddy - Chronic itchy skin and overweight
    Hi Jacqueline,
    Just an update on Maddy you saw 1 month ago. Will try and get back to see you soon, just reordered her supplies and her raw diet is going well, in fact she loves it to my surprise!

    Her energy levels have improved lots and skin and coat look great, so does the smell factor. Big thanks big improvement with weight too.

    "High potency Vitamin C":While my dog hates this (so have to mix it with yoghurt after it's been dissolved in a little water) it is a GREAT product. My white show dog was on anti histamines daily for very swollen and red eye-rims. Since taking this daily (am about to order my second container) she's had NO anti histamines!

  • "My elderly dog loves this in his meals. His coat is shinier and his skin allergy (from grass etc) has calmed somewhat."- Jenny

  • "Had three dogs on this now for 4 weeks, and have seen a huge improvement in their coats. We are now combining using Omega 3,6,9 with glucosamine, chondroitin and msm and looking forward to seeing improvement in their joints for sled dog racing."- Husky Owner

    • Westie: dry eye and cataracts
      We purchased Eye Drops for my westie who has dry eye and cataracts. 
      Anyway, I have run out of the eye drops and desperately need more. 
      After everything we have used and seen many different specialists this is the best product for our Westie.
      Kind regards
      Samantha R

    • "Hi Jacqueline, 
      After spending heaps of money at the vet for various eye ointments and drops to treat dry eye without success, I tried EYE CLEAR. After two weeks eye is clear and pain free.  Monty, (6 year old cavalier spaniel) is now back to his old self.
      Many thanks Monty"

    Hidi - Miniture Poodle: Ear infections and itchy skin "First of all, thank you natural animal solution. It works so well on Hidi, our 3months old toy poodle. Hidi has been suffering from ears and skin irritations, but after only a week of taking omega oil, all of these itchiness are gone, and i was super surprised that the tear stain are removed too!!! we've got this omega oil form a pet shop while we were travel in China, now we are back to New Zealand and wonder where we can buy this amazing product, can't wait to buy more. - Joanna C

    Ruben Male Labrador. Chronic ear infections. Heavily filled with fluid and inflammation. Thank you Natural Animal Solutions. After years if constant vet check ups, advise and suggested use of various harsh treatments in relation to our choc lab, we found Natural Animal Solutions. Ruben has been suffering from severe irritations, fluid and inflammations in his ear canals. Driving him crazy and us to despair. Only days after using your prescribed treatment program using Natural Animal Solutions supplements, Ruben has now improved 100% and has never looked back. Thanks again for a beautiful, healthy happy dog!! - Yours sincerely, Helen, Simon and Ruben.


    Benson - Golden Retriever with epilepsy
    Hi Jacqueline,
    Just wanted to give you an update on Benson.
    We saw you on 25/07 and started the new regime.  He did have a seizure on the following Friday morning around 6.15am 29/07.
    I don't want to jinx myself BUT he hasn't had one since - now day 19.
    He seems to be much happier - wants to play with his toys which haven't been out of the toy box for some time.
    He was playing with his footie ball a couple of nights ago.
    We have increased his evening walk at the Hastings leash free and when he sees his pals he wants to play - something he had lost interest in.
    We have been getting comments from other people we see walking that he looks really good.
    All in all he seems to have his bounce and enthusiasm back - but it's early days yet.

    Oh by the way - we are delighted with his progress but trying not to get toooooo excited.


    Hi Jacqueline,
    Also - 23 days without a seizure.
    Thanks - Yvonne

    Cassie - 9 year old Yorkshire terrier Diagnosed with skin allergies.
    Hi just thought i would get back in touch. Have taken 5 weeks to get cassie to eat raw meat and vitamins and oils almost 1!/2 tablespoons a day Skin is very much better with scales gone and inflamed patches also gone smell not so smelly only mild smell. Ps Her hair has changed to a more brown colour instead of a very pale almost grey white she looks much younger really interesting - Thanks, Frances B NSW

    Gus - 6 year old Golden Retriever. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis. When I first visited you Gus was lame and clearly in some pain. He had just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis by my vet who told me to immediately limit his exercise and that he was basically an old dog now at only 6 years old. What a load of rubbish!

    A few months down the track and we're now exercising up to 2 hours per day. Some of which is pretty high intensity and not the slightest sign of stiffness or soreness. He's like a 2 year old again both in body and spirit. I'm just so amazed with the change in him and extremely grateful to you. - Thanks a million, LOUISA H

    Ben - Miniture Poodle itchy irritated feet and skin. Hair falling out. Chronic Cough.
    Dear Jacqueline, Thank you, once again for all your help in treating our miniture poodle "Ben". The cough has finally cleared and he is looking the best he has in years. Our local vet was very impressed. Wanted to know what you did to clear the cough! Thanks again - E Fletcher Dereel

    • Saxon - 1 year old Sheltie. Itchy, oily skin, lacking in coat growth.
      You treated my Shetland Sheepdog 'Saxon' [2 1/2 years old, now] awhile ago for his oily coat and he had itchy skin after he was bathed....being a fussy eater didn't help either......

      He is doing very well now and looks perfect...still working on the obedience training...every Sunday...he loves agility and meeting lots of other dogs.

      He's not a fussy eater anymore...he loves his 'Natural Rearing' diet...raw chicken, raw lamb etc.....it's so nice to see him sit down and eat what I want him to eat...including the vegetables that he used to flick around the bowl.

      I include your Omega 3,6,9 & Vitamin E oil in his diet...his top coat is a lovely shiny black...so much better than the oily look he used to have. - Regards Carole

    • Tiffany - 5 year old Maltese x Shitzu, chronic itchy and irritated skin She is in beautiful condition and does not scratch at all now. I will probably call in this coming Friday to pick up a 1-Litre bottle of oil. Thank you for your help Jacqueline. Kind Regards - Pat


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