‌ Just wanted to let you know that this week I bought your eye clear stuff because one of my dogs had had mucky eyes for a few days (not too bad) and even though I was bathing them with calendular tea (which normally works) they weren’t really getting better. Anyway the night I brought the drops I came home to a dog with totally red very sore eyes and 3 days later they are almost back to normal and the dog I originally bought them for is good now too. So that is the 3rd of your medicine type products I’ve used with great success, The ear one solved a problem which had been on and off for a year and then the itchy stuff helped my cat so very impressed with it all.

— Susan

‌ Hi Jacqueline
Here’s another picture of Xena competing in the Open Class at the German Shepherd National in Erskine Park NSW. She is displaying her powerful, far-reaching side-gait which no doubt impressed the judge! I am really pleased with her muscle tone and general health, thanks to your help and the Natural Animal Solution products. Leading up to the event, I swam her for half an hour twice a week and took her on long walks on the days when she wasn’t swimming.

Kindest regards………………..JULIE JORDAN and XENA

‌ Ruben Male Labrador. Chronic ear infections. Heavily filled with fluid and inflammation. Thank you Natural Animal Solutions. After years if constant vet check ups, advise and suggested use of various harsh treatments in relation to our choc lab, we found Natural Animal Solutions. Ruben has been suffering from severe irritations, fluid and inflammations in his ear canals. Driving him crazy and us to despair. Only days after using your prescribed treatment program using Natural Animal Solutions supplements, Ruben has now improved 100% and has never looked back. Thanks again for a beautiful, healthy happy dog!

— Yours sincerely, Helen, Simon and Ruben

‌ I just wanted to contact someone from your company to let you know how thrilled i was to have found your products! Our Golden Retriever suffered yeast infections in both her ears for at least 6 months. After many expensive visits to the vet for expensive ear drops and daily ear cleanings it was beginning to look hopeless and our poor dog was miserable. Then i found your ‘ear clear’ while i was shopping on the Homefresh website…. 3 days later we had a happy pup with perfectly clean ears. About 6 weeks later i noticed a little yeast again and the ear clear took care of it over night! Thank you for your wonderful products that spare our animals (and our wallets) from long term symptom management with potentially harmful drugs.

— Nadia Farmilo

‌ You should see Kinta now, she’s curled up in a ball on the end of my bed as we speak every now and then she peaks up at me with her big blue eyes and the tucks her head back in. She is so soft an silky now and actually feels heavy when you pick her up, no more bones. She’s a testament to the excellence of your work, I know she wouldn’t be alive today without you Thank you so much .

— Love Dee and Kinta and Carolyn and Maddie and Lily

‌ Hazel – Labrador with extreme, chronic itchy and irritated skin. I just wanted to let you know that we did not have a break out. We applied ointment to Hazel’s chest and paws and with in an hour it had begun to dry out. Hazel has not scratched it at all in the last few days which has meant it has been able to clear up. Her ears have been fine (touch wood). We are aware that it might flare up at any time and are keeping a close eye on it. We gave them both a bath and brush yesterday and their fur is softer than it’s been since they were puppies. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing changes we are seeing in both dogs.

— Thank you, Emma & Dean

‌ I have had my 6month old Basset Hound Puppy on the Skin Pack and ItchyScratch products for two weeks with HUGE results Thank You. When she arrived in our home the poor little thing had and itch all over which developed into the tummy and chest rash very quickly, spread to her feet and the cycle continued. For months we had tried many products and all failed, from antibiotics through to flower essences, natural creams, lotions, drops and sprays, from vets to naturopaths and nothing seemed to worked. But, your product has, so thank you, Thank You very much.

— Shona

‌ I am just writing this email in regards to you about the fantastic improvement in my staffy puppy Zenah! When we first saw you her coat was lovely but now it’s beautiful- shiny and so thick! And I get so many compliments about how beautiful her coat is 🙂
Her allergies have disappeared and where she was balding its all grown back! And in the short amount of time we have been using the omega oil and digestaivite I have seen so much improvement! Thank you for your help and your amazing products. And I sure will be continuing to use and recommend them to everyone. Many thanks.

— From Monica and Zenah

‌ I want to thank and acknowledge you for curing my beloved Heeler X, Otis, of his chronic skin condition. When we visited you in 2008 Otis had suffered severely of skin rashes to nearly 50% of his body for the past 7 years. His skin was itchy, red and often weeping. He would scratch and bite himself, often breaking the skin and he molted profusely. He was very uncomfortable.

I had tried so many other vets and specialists but in the end found that cortisone was the only relief which long term, I believe, would’ve shortened his life. A friend found you on the internet to whom I will be forever grateful. After one month of treatment and diet change Otis had improved remarkably and it wasn’t long before he was completely free of skin allergies.

It is now 2011 and we haven’t looked back. There has been no sign of any skin allergy since. I really wish I had photos of his skin in its chronic allergy state to show the world what a miracle your treatment has been for Otis. We both thank you so very much and do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has a dog that would benefit from your treatment.

— Marilyn and Otis

‌ I just wanted to let you know that all my Tenterfield Terriers fought off the latest outbreak of canine cough at the shows, with no problems at all, by using your RespraEze twice daily, some Manuka Honey and your other products along with the mostly natural raw diet. It worked as a preventative which kept their immune systems strong. Nearly everyone at the shows ended up with dogs affected and it’s still going on and very wide spread…We still attended 5 shows over the last 3 weekends even with the 2 baby pups and I think we are about the only ones who didn’t cop it badly. I have referred at least three others to you who have purchased RespraEze for dogs that had come down with it at our shows…. I will continue to suggest it to anyone who will listen! You can see in the picture taken y’day that the puppies are fighting fit and glowing! Thank you again! Team Terrelle. PS – I had feedback from an Aussie Terrier owner that after only 2 doses… their puppy improved.

— Dr. Paula

‌ I purchased this to try and reduce some itchy skin issues our Maremma was having. After only a week I have seen improvements. Not only is she less itchy, but her coat is so much softer too. Being a large dog, I also anticipate this will help with her joint health as she ages. She also loves the taste of it so there is no difficulty administering it to her. In fact she thinks it’s a treat… Plus it’s all natural! We will keep her on the high therapeutic dosage for a month, and then reduce to the maintenance dosage for life.

‌ We were given a trial bottle of omega 3,6,9 oils by our pet shop (Pet Cafe Booval QLD) – AMAZING!!!
Our border collie has always had sensitive skin. He’s also kind of a high stressed dog and scratches/nibbles a lot. His fur was lifeless, dull & course. We were getting our dog groomer to come out weekly to bath, de flea, de mange, the lot. He recommended fish oil, but made little difference. Then my husband came home with a trial bottle of omega 3, 6, 9 when he bought the usual royal canine food. This product is amazing – it treats the skin, he nibbles less, he now has a beautiful shine, and he actually looks heathy! I don’t have to call out the dog groomer this weekend because our dog’s fur looks like he has just had a bath, shampoo & condition. BTW, our dog is the proud dad of 4 day old, 10 pups!
I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I thought he was getting enough oils through his kibble as the package claims that each kibble is coated in fish oil. Obviously not enough oil for a normal dogs health. I will be purchasing this product from now on as a ‘must have’ for my dog. Thanks again Jacqui for an amazing product that just works!

— Teresa

‌ I wanted to say how great the spray has been (ItchyScratch). I acquired a 4yr old french bulldog with some bad skin problems about 6 months ago. She had hair loss on all four feet and a patch of thickened and hardened crocodile skin about 15cm x 10cm on her belly that she continually rubbed. The worst was her inverted tail with deep folds which she continually rubbed and had rubbed out a circle of hair about 7cm. A course of antibiotics cleared up a bacterial infection and the tail improved but still rubbing enough to draw blood. I changed her diet to just meat and veges and cut out carbohydrates which helped but what cleared it up was spraying with the itchy scratch spray which seemed to get rid of the residual fungal problem. No more scooting around on the concrete and hair has grown back 2/3 and getting better all the time. Her tummy hair has just about grown back as well. I have her now on Digestavite, the omega oil blend and use the spray daily on her tail. I was amazed at how quickly the tail improved, her coat is no longer dry and dull and she is mentally a different dog without the itch driving her crazy.


‌ Since trying this product on my mature Westie who has an under-active thyroid (which caused flaky, oily skin & coat) & seeing the remarkable results, I started giving it to all of my Westies (including those that I rescue). This product rejuvenates dry, itchy skin & also helps return over oily coats, back to healthy normality. It has been hugely beneficial to Westies with skin allergies too. I highly recommend that you add this product to your dogs diet, because not only does it aide the Westies (that I rescue) back to good health, but my show dogs skin & coats definitely look & feel healthier too.

— All Westie Rescue

‌ This is a brilliant product! I have noticed that it gives my cat a really good shine on the coat and also helps prevent fur balls! I had a problem with itchy heat sores on the back of her neck. This product cleared it up instead of taking her to the vet and getting her injected with cortisone, which does more harm to a cats health! I have also stopped giving my cat dry and “junk”(tinned rubbish) food which slowly deterierates my cats health and have been giving her just raw meat, that’s all, and she has never looked back! Full of mischief!! I also give her a dietary supplement called Digestavite Plus from the same company; never had a problem with her health ever since.

— Kay W

‌ I did buy your eye clear – amazing, absolutely amazing. Yogi (choc lab – 18 mnths) got kinda like a bump in the corner of his eye (outer). He also gets mucky eyes because they droop. I have to instill them when he’s asleep – he runs and squirms otherwise! Have put a drop in when I first got (Saturday) and by this morning all just about cleared and the bump almost gone. Thank you so much.

— Pattie

‌ We have a retriever puppy, she was wimpering nearly all night in our laundry room, this went on for 4 nights, I went to the pet store and they said to use CALM from natural animal solutions, I was sceptical that it would work, but it did, amazing product. Our pup slept through all night, this is just an email to say thank you. We have a 10month old baby girl as well, and she has just started to sleep through the night, then we get a pup that was waking us up all the time, so we are very relieved now that both babes are sleeping through the night.

— from Hannah haskew-jones

‌ I have a 10yo Burmese cat who was hit by a car when she was 6. She suffered a hairline fracture to her hip. At the time the vet said she would probably experience problems with arthritis when she got older. At about 9yo I noticed that she was having problems jumping even very small heights that had never caused her problems previously. After taking her to the vet, having x-rays and administering anti-inflammatory’s, she was diagnosed with arthritis and joint inflammation. The vet suggested I try a supplement rather than long term anti-inflammatory and I found an Osteo supplement that worked quite well but unfortunately became unavailable for a period I then found Natural Animal Solutions OsteoForte. In the 6 months I have been giving Cassie this daily capsule I continue to notice a “NEW” cat. Able to jump as normal and give her little buddy, a 1yo male Burmese a ‘run for his money’. I find the capsule very easy to give to her after I moisten it under the tap and I have to say she couldn’t be more agile once again.

— Peter

‌ Gus – 6 year old Golden Retriever Diagnosed with osteoarthritis. When I first visited you Gus was lame and clearly in some pain. He had just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis by my vet who told me to immediately limit his exercise and that he was basically an old dog now at only 6 years old. What a load of rubbish! A few months down the track and we’re now exercising up to 2 hours per day. Some of which is pretty high intensity and not the slightest sign of stiffness or soreness. He’s like a 2 year old again both in body and spirit. I’m just so amazed with the change in him and extremely grateful to you. Thanks a million.


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