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You will be happy to know NAS will continue to deliver it’s renowned range of supplements World Wide to any address to any pet every day.

We are unable to offer delivery at this time for our frozen food ranges FreshRAW, FreshRAW Plus & NAS Aquatics. To find your local stockist please click here and enter your address details and a list of local stockists will be displayed.

Tasty Turkey necks are a highly nutritious treat or snack and are a perfect addition to your pet’s diet.

Feeding your dog FreshRAW PLUS as a rotation in their diet provides so many health benefits. Reward them with a healthy, nutritious treat today!

Health benefits of Tasty Turkey Necks

Immune booster

Healthy Heart & Brain

Build and maintain muscle

Beautiful radiant skin & coat

Enhance energy levels

Strong nails, bones & teeth

What Is Fresh Raw Plus

FreshRAW PLUS is a range of delicious tasting, 100% natural, nutritional boosters which can be used alongside our FreshRAW food range or given as a nutritional treat.

These nutritional boosters provide excellent dental health benefits, and by keeping them busy during the day provides mental stimulation.

With Dental disease being one of the most common diseases our pets suffer with today, it is important to look after their teeth. FreshRAW PLUS is a natural and healthy way to provide dental care.

Watch their tails wag when you feed them FreshRAW Plus!


Crunchy goodness for healthy breath, teeth and gums

FreshRAW Plus Tasty Turkey Necks are a delicious treat or meal replacement for medium to large size dogs.

RAW Turkey Necks are high in protein, calcium, phosphorous and other vital nutrients. Additionally, Turkey necks are rich in bio-available Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

The glucosamine and chondroitin found in the cartilage and connective tissue of turkey necks is in a ‘bio-available’ form, meaning, they are in their most digestible, natural state. 

Add Tasty Turkey Necks into your pets FreshRAW meal rotation 2 – 3 times per week to keep their teeth clean and healthy. 

What our pet nutritionist says:

“Even though they look large, turkey bones can easily be chopped up for cats and little dogs or fed whole for the larger dogs. A great teeth cleaner. Turkey bones are my preference as they provide a much better quality of calcium than chicken for younger pets.”

Jacqueline Rudan

Safety standards you can trust!

  • Manufactured from a brand new production facility in Victoria


  • Our facility is fully HACCP and Primesafe approved, has accredited regular government inspections and has passed a strict food safety quality audit


  • All products are manufactured according to a HACCP food safety standards program, ensuring the highest quality with consistent results at all times

How to purchase FreshRAW?

Find your local FreshRAW stockist by following the link below.


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