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Dermatophytosis is an infection of the skin, hair, and claw tissue by one of the 3 genera of fungi collectively called dermatophytes — Epidermophyton, Microsporum and Trichophyton.
These pathogenic fungi are found worldwide, and all domestic animals are susceptible.
The clinical appearance of ringworm in cats is quite variable. Kittens are affected most commonly. Cats with clinically in apparent infections can still serve as a source of infection to other cats or people. Occasionally, dermatophytosis in cats causes feline miliary dermatitis and is pruritic. Cats with generalized dermatophytosis occasionally develop cutaneous ulcerated nodules, known as dermatophyte granulomas or pseudomycetomas.
Lesions in dogs are classically alopecic, scaly patches with broken hairs. Dogs may also develop regional or generalized folliculitis and furunculosis with papules and pustules. A focal nodular form of dermatophytosis in dogs is the kerion reaction. Generalized ringworm in adult dogs is uncommon and is usually accompanied by immunodeficiency.
signs and symptoms:
Typical lesions consist of focal alopecia, scaling, and crusting; most are around the ears and face or on the extremities.

Recommended Products

Dermal Cream or Dermal Oil
High Potency Vitamin C
DigestaVite Plus
It is recommended you consult with animal naturopath Jacqueline Rudan for further treatment.

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