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When it comes to your pet’s health, do you want to follow facts or fears? We have all heard “Garlic is bad for your dogs!” “You should never feed garlic to your pets!” So why have we been told this? This would be due to garlic being a close cousin of the onion. Onion contains high concentrations of thiosulphate which will trigger haemolytic or “Heinz factor” anaemia, where circulating red blood cells burst.
Garlic does contain thiosulphate but NOT in the same concentrations. Thiosulphate is barely traceable. These amounts cannot cause “Heinz factor” anaemia. Over the centuries, as long as humans have been using herbs, garlic has been a commonly used remedy. Over this period of time people have also been feeding it to their animal companions. Its properties have proven far reaching, easy on the body and safe to use. The use of garlic is beneficial for many conditions and comes highly recommended as a disease pregarlicventative. In my many years of garlic use with my own pets and patients, I have never encountered negative side effects, except the inherited strong smell!
At this point, garlic has truly not been proven to have negative effects on our pets. Follow hundreds of years of proven use rather than recent suspicions in regards to this miracle herb, as garlic is known to be.
As with any herb, always use correct and safe doses. Always contact your herbal practitioner when in doubt.
Jacqueline Rudan
Animal Naturopath
Veterinary Naturopathic Solutions

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