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A soothing alternative for licking paws and hot spots!
An ITCH is a sensation that often needs a SCRATCH, so if your pet is scratching and biting their skin due to an itchy sensation, then ItchyScratch is the topical spray you have been looking for. Soothing and cooling with a bitter aftertaste to deter further biting. The perfect addition to your first aid kit!

  • Remove malodour
  • Sensitive skin and paws
  • Suitable for itchy, moist and normal skin

ItchyScratch is an easy to use spray which contains all natural ingredients and is suitable for dogs, cats and small animals of all ages




Rubbing, licking, scratching and biting are common reactions to an itchy sensation. While many itchy sensations can be resolved with quality supplements and a change in diet, we have the ideal solution to help nourish and soothe the skin from these annoying reactions.
ItchyScratch is an easy to use spray that can help soothe the skin, paws and hotspots while also removing malodour and oils that build up and pollute the skin. The spray allows direct aim with minimal contact to further reduce irritation for sensitive skin.
Once applied, ItchyScratch penetrates the skin, gives a cooling effect to soothe hotspots and also deters your pet from further biting and gnawing of the affected area due to the bitter taste.

Aluminium acetate solution, Aloe vera, Golden seal, Boric acid, Tea tree oil

Simply spray onto the affected area of the skin 1 to 4 times per day.
ItchyScratch can be diluted 1:1 with water if required
Delivery: Liquid spray solution
Contraindications: None
*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice

  • Fast acting
  • Cooling effect
  • Hot spots
  • Licking paws
  • Itchy, moist skin
  • Remove malodour
  • Mane & tail
  • Sensitive skin and paws
  • Suitable for delicate skin
  • Suitable for itchy, moist and normal skin
  • Simple spray for easy administration
  • Suitable for cats, dogs and small animals of all ages

Can I use this for licking paws?
Yes, Itchy Scratch is designed to soothe paws that are inflamed from constant licking.
Can I use this on skin rashes?
Yes, you can use Itchy Scratch on skin rashes providing the skin is not broken.
Can I use this on hot spots?
Yes, this is a great way to soothe a hot spot on a dog’s skin.
Is this safe if they lick it off?
Yes, Itchy Scratch is all natural, so will not be harmful for your pet if they lick it off. However, give it a few minutes to dry before you allow your pet to lick it, just to give it time to penetrate the skin and fur.
How often can I use it?
You can use Itchy Scratch many times per day or as needed.

Additional information

Weight .1254 kg
Dimensions 4.6 × 13.6 cm

27 reviews for ItchyScratch

  1. Isabell (verified owner)

    This product is amazing and works my dog no longer licks his paws I’ve been trying all sorts of other products never helped this one does highly recommend
    Thank you 👍😊

  2. Susan

    Hi Jacqueline
    Just wanted to let you know that this week I bought your eye clear stuff because one of my dogs had had mucky eyes for a few days (not too bad) and even though I was bathing them with calendular tea (which normally works) they weren’t really getting better. Anyway the night I brought the drops I came home to a dog with totally red very sore eyes and 3 days later they are almost back to normal and the dog I originally bought them for is good now too. So that is the 3rd of your medicine type products I’ve used with great success, The ear one solved a problem which had been on and off for a year and then the itchy stuff helped my cat so very impressed with it all.
    PS Been telling all my friends about you!

  3. Jane B

    This product really works. Mitzy is not licking her paws and rear end to the same degree. I think another couple of weeks will see Mitzy not licking herself and hurting. Jane B

  4. Jane B

    I contacted Vet Mike for advice regarding Mitzy’s constant licking of her rear end which was benft of hair and very sore. Mike emailed me a pdf file of products that may be benaficial. I chose Omega 3,6,9, Dermal Cream and ItchySratch Spray. Fortunately, the combination of these product have helped. Jane B

  5. Sylvia B

    Shadow has found instant relief with the product. Sylvia B

  6. Kathleen Dowling

    ItchyScratch turned out to be a good, reliable product, as I have come to expect from you. As usual delivery was remarkably prompt. Thank you. Kathleen Dowling

  7. Joanne Burton

    Hi Jacqueline
    I bought your itchy spray and sensitive shampoo and conditioner from vet n pet direct. I have a 10 year old rescue pug that has a rather severe flea allergy. Recently he had started itching like mad, our holistic vet was baffled so we called it an idiopathic / psychosomatic itch. Nothing in his world had changed. I had tried it all, diet, Shampoos, coconut oil, blackmores products, homeopathic remedies, nothing worked. Well I tried your product, and it is THE BOMB!!!! Within 10 min he had stopped and has not itched in 24 hours. I bought the shampoo and conditioner. Cannot wait to try it!! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you!!!!!!!!
    Kind regards
    Joanne Burton

  8. J B

    I have a 12 year old Basset hound with years of constant skin problems caused through her thyroid condition. She is allergic to everything. This product soothes and stops her constant nibbling at her skin or paws. Excellent and well recommended.The service is excellent and have the product within a couple of days. By J.B from Port Willunga. Adelaide. S.Australia

  9. Matilda

    Max has well controlled diabetes and so is subject to skin inflammation and on occassion, ringworm. In addition to his skin conditions I can also suffer from fungal infections due to a long term illness. Widely marketed human grade antifungals have been extremely ineffective. This product works incredibly well for Max and me! It is an absolute blessing. Thankyou for your innovative, efficacious product. By Matilda from Queensland, Australia

  10. Roxy

    My boxer has a systemic yeast infection. Spraying on her paws in between her toes and on the sores has cleared infection up 90%. She has nearly stopped chewing and licking. And if she does I just spray some on. Only been using for 6 weeks (along with other Natural Annal Solutions products. By Roxy from Adelaide, South Australia

  11. Kristina

    My dog sometimes developes allergies and I use the spray for localised areas and it seems to help with the itchiness. Kristina

  12. Mary

    great for stopping my foxyx from licking his paws.could smell nicer ,but i guess then it wouldn’t be a deterent. mary

  13. Leoni Cox

    I found this product very helpful for my spoodle’s contant itch. It works instantly and his scabs seem to be improving because he is not constantly biting them. By Leoni Cox

  14. Judy

    My Cavalier King Charles had been scratching incessantly for weeks. Vet gave me cream but it did not seem to help. Sprayed Itchy Scratch and within the hour the scratching had stopped. He still has one spot he likes to scratch but certainly not as ferocious as earlier. By Harvey’s Judy from Busselton, WA

  15. Kathleen Phillis

    Second purchase of this item, controls any itch on my dog very well. Kathleen Phillis

  16. Animal Lover

    My 12 year old terrier has had red, irritated, itchy skin for a year, tried what the vet recommended but none worked, in 2 days of using this product, hot spots stopped and redness itchy areas subsided …buying 2 more bottles at this moment. Animal Lover

  17. Kristy

    Used on my dogs feet. Worked well. 2 friends then asked me to get them some for their itchy pups.. worked brilliantly. Just have to be persistent as I found the licking was more habit based than due to major rash so continually putting spray on stopped the habit which stopped the rash 🙂 kristy

  18. Jane

    I wanted to say how great the spray has been (ItchyScratch). I acquired a 4yr old french bulldog with some bad skin problems about 6 months ago. She had hair loss on all four feet and a patch of thickened and hardened crocodile skin about 15cm x 10cm on her belly that she continually rubbed. The worst was her inverted tail with deep folds which she continually rubbed and had rubbed out a circle of hair about 7cm. A course of antibiotics cleared up a bacterial infection and the tail improved but still rubbing enough to draw blood. I changed her diet to just meat and veges and cut out carbohydrates which helped but what cleared it up was spraying with the itchy scratch spray which seemed to get rid of the residual fungal problem. No more scooting around on the concrete and hair has grown back 2/3 and getting better all the time. Her tummy hair has just about grown back as well. I have her now on Digestavite, the omega oil blend and use the spray daily on her tail. I was amazed at how quickly the tail improved, her coat is no longer dry and dull and she is mentally a different dog without the itch driving her crazy.

  19. Barbara

    My dog says it is worth rolling over to have it sprayed on and she doesn’t scratch after it is applied. Barbara

  20. Brian Phillis

    The spray worked very well, easy to use and our dog didn’t scratch at it when we used it on him.

  21. Brian Phillis

    The spray worked very well, easy to use and our dog didn’t scratch at it when we used it on him. Brian Phillis

  22. S K Duggan

    Just the best the dog has hardly scratched and has stopped chewing between his toes. skduggan

  23. Andrea Taylor

    1st time used, but it works beautifully, my little girl is now in comfort,and can sleep at night,as can we her owners,aaahh!!! Andrea Taylor

  24. Pug Staffy

    Fantastic product the good thing is its all natural. By pug staffy from w.a

  25. Kristy

    asked me to get them some for their itchy pups.. worked brilliantly. Just have to be persistent as I found the licking was more habit based than due to major rash so continually putting spray on stopped the habit which stopped the rash 🙂 kristy

  26. Happy Customer

    I have used this on my 6 year old Dobermann who gets an itch this time every year. This product helps soothe her inflamed skin.

  27. Suzanne Mackesey

    Seems to help with red and itchy patches. I like that it’s natural too. Suzanne Mackesy

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