Herbal Shampoo Normal

A healthy coat – naturally

Herbal Shampoo Normal is the perfect solution for washing your pet. Developed with a 100% natural ingredients, this gentle blend works to cleanse and nourish the skin and coat in the most gentle way possible.
Herbal Shampoo Normal contains ingredients specially selected for their low irritant properties making it perfect for washing once per week or as often as needed.

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Dosages & Descriptions

Directions for washing your pet’s coat the NAS way!

Wet their coat thoroughly using warm water
Apply a small amount of Herbal Shampoo Normal to their coat and gently massage down to the skin
Add more Herbal Shampoo Normal as required
Give them a really good overall massage to allow Herbal Shampoo Normal to nourish the skin
Rinse coat thoroughly
Repeat if necessary
Dry them with a fresh towel
As with all shampoo and conditioners it is best to avoid getting Herbal Shampoo Sensitive into your pet’s eyes.


Liquid solution



Apple cider vinegar
Eucalyptus oil


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