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Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is characterized by nausea, excessive salivation, and vomiting, and affected animals may have other signs referable to stimulation of the autonomic nervous system. Animals may yawn, whine, and show signs of uneasiness or apprehension; severely affected ones may also have diarrhea. Motion sickness is usually seen during travel by land, sea, or air, and signs usually disappear when vehicular motion ceases. Many animals, including people, may be affected.
The principal causative mechanism involves stimulation of the vestibular apparatus in the inner ear, which has connections to the emetic center in the brain stem. The chemoreceptor trigger zone (CRTZ) and H1-histaminergic receptors are involved in this pathway in dogs, but apparently are less important in cats. Fear of the vehicle may be a contributory factor in dogs and cats, and signs may be seen even in a stationary vehicle.
In some cases, motion sickness can be overcome by conditioning the animal to travel or through medication settling the stomach and nerves of the animal.
signs and symptoms:
Frothing at the mouth, drooling and or vomiting.

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