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Lame Boxer Pup

Lame Boxer Pup

Patient: Boxer
Age: 7 ½ month old pup
Sex: Male/Desexed
Name: Bruce
Lameness in right hind leg.
Lifting to walk. Walking on three legs. Suspect pain in shoulder. Left hind leg cannot stretch out. Too painful even though on anti inflammatory from vet.
Cannot sit on hind end. Has to lie down, too painful. X-rays have shown fluid on both knees.
Lack of activity, prefers to lie down. Lack of interest in anything around him. Spends most of his time in his basket. By 8pm Bruce is asleep and will not wake till the next morning. Undersized for his age. Little in size and muscle development.
Come from a backyard breeder renowned for close inbreeding. First Visit Treatment
Natural Animal Solutions
*Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oil with Vitamin E for *Dogs
*High Potecy Vitamin C
*Joint & LigamentSupportInformation
Blood tests were conducted and nothing abnormal came up in report. Paw was x-rayed by vet, nothing was shown as broken or damaged. I believed it was shoulder related rather than paw.
High doses were administered of the above supplements. This treatment continued for 2 weeks. Within the first week owner began to see improvement. After second week patient was brought back to the clinic for assessment.
Second visit
Doing exceptionally well. Early this week Kate brought Bruce back to the clinic and he is a totally different pup. He is able to walk on his right foreleg. I can still see a slight twinge. Owner advised he tends to lift it at the end of the day after playing with her other pup all day.
His back legs: The one that couldn’t stretch, now can up to 50% better than previously. Bruce can sit down now but he will sit to the side rather than straight.
His attitude. He’s become a little terror. Difficulty in keeping him still and chewed anything in site. Looks like he is returning to normal puppy behavior.
Same supplements continued, reduced the dosage of the Joint & Ligament.
OA/RA from CHMRD for arthritis and osteoarthritis in combination with
RV-1185 from CHMRD. Combination is to assist drainage of fluid from the hind legs and repair any potential joint damage.
3 days later owner has e-mailed
“Thanks for seeing Bruce on Tuesday night, he is even better again this week, which is fantastic.”
At this stage Bruce has been off anti inflammatory for 10 days.
Third visit (2 ½ months from first visit)
Bruce’s shoulder is doing very well. No pain or lameness present. Even after long days of exercise.
Can sit on his hind legs quite comfortably, and stretch his hind legs out quite well. Looking very good overall. Bruce’s has almost doubled in weight and his muscle development is fantastic. Still energetic. All looking good.
Will continue on RV1185 and all other meds. Hopefully this will be the last of the tea. Will look at weaning off OA-RA then the Vitamin C.

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