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Hot Spots

Hot Spots

Dry or moist scabs on the skin
In the skin itself, Omega 3 deficiency actually damages the outer layer of the skin. The skin has a fine fatty layer that covers the skin and hair shafts and is a waterproof, impermeable layer that also functions as an antibacterial layer. If this layer is deficient in Omega 3, it loses its waterproof barrier, and the skin and hair becomes dry, flaky and brittle (like dandruff). The antibacterial layer is also damaged, allowing bacteria to invade into the skin and cause superficial infections (pyoderma/hot spots), and this in turn causes irritation to the pet. The result is a dry, flaky coat, with no shine and itchy skin.
signs and symptoms:
Scabs dry or moist.
Bleeding may occur from itching and infection can occur also if pet scratches and licks consistently.

Recommended Products

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Dermal Cream or Dermal Oil
High Potency Vitamin C
DigestaVite Plus
Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil
Sensitive Shampoo
It is recommended you consult with animal naturopath Jacqueline Rudan for further treatment.

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