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Increased volume, fluidity, or frequency of bowel movements.
There are several types of diarrhea:
secretory: occurs as a result of the intestines secreting salts, electrolytes, and water instead of absorbing them. Stimuli that initiate this process include bacterial toxins, unabsorbed dietary fat, bile acids, castor oil, some cathartics, some hormones, and some drugs.
Generally, if the cause is in the small intestine, the diarrhea is characterized by large quantities of watery and/or fatty stools. If the diarrhea is due to disease in or of the colon, the stool are frequent and often accompanied by blood, mucus, or pus. If the disease is rectal in origin, there are often frequent movements of a small amount of stool.
Bowel inflammation is another contributing factor to consider.
It is recommend you seek medical advise from our animal naturopath for further treatment advice.

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