The Natural Animal Solutions Animal Naturopathic clinic is a modern practice run by one of Australia’s most experienced Animal Naturopaths Jacqueline Rudan.

Our facility offers a unique personalized service which allows you and your pets to feel relaxed and confident in our environment knowing that they will be receiving the finest care. Our clinic has built a unique affiliate network which allows us access to some of the finest naturopathic medicines available.

We are proud to offer a first class service to you and your beloved pets and our aim is to provide the finest care and service available whilst maintaining low cost and value for money. Our service is not only limited to cats and dogs, it is suitable for all types of small animal. We look forward to meeting you and all your beloved pets!

Jacqueline Rudan Biography

In 2004 Jacqueline completed her studies in both Animal Naturopathy, Animal Homoeopathy and Canine and Equine Physical therapy (Myofunction). She began practicing and continued to study where she then completed her studies in Equine Acupuncture.

Since then Jacqueline has continued her education and furthered her skills through regular professional training seminars within the human health industry.

Throughout this time Jacqueline has taught at the former Australian College of Natural Animal Medicine, worked in conjunction with numerous veterinary practices and now works from within her own private clinic.


Allergies & Respiratory System

-Air born allergies
-Kennel cough
-Physical allergies (flea, grass etc..)

Digestive Disorders & Digestive Function

-Bad breath
-Bloating or Gas
-Constipation & Diarrhea
-Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
-Lack of energy
-Poor digestion
-Unable to put weight on


-Conjunctivitis or other eye infections
-Dry eye or Runny eyes
-Ear infections
-Eye redness
-Fly bitten ears

Muscular Skeletal System

-Bone or Joint issues
-Chronic pain
-Cruciate ligament
-Hip dysplasia
-Joint mobility support
-Muscular soreness
-Pre & Post surgery support
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Sprain & Strain

Nervous system

-Motion sickness
-Shakers syndrome
-Stress & Anxiety


-Dermatitis & Eczema
-Dry skin & Coat
-Hot spots & Constant scratching
-Licking paws
-Oily coat
-Smelly dog or cat

Other Health Terms

-Autoimmune disease
-Cancer support
-Cardiovascular health
-Cholesterol issues
-Food allergies

-Heart problems
-Intestinal parasites
-Kidney disease
-Kidney stones
-Lack of pigmentation
-Loss of hair
-New puppies/kittens
-Palliative care
-Peptic Duodenal
-Periodontal Disease
-Recurring health issues
-Red or Hot skin
-Stroke recovery
-Vaccination Support


Consultation Procedure

Each consultation will generally last 1 hour. Our aim is to ensure that each client has a comprehensive understanding of the problem and process.

The consult is not limited to a single pet so if you have multiple pets that you would like assessed you are more than welcome to bring them along and this can be incorporated into the same session.

You will also be asked to bring along any previous medical history including test results which may assist.

A typical session will cover:

  • Meet and greet
  • Analysis of medical history
  • Analysis of test results
  • Physical assessment
  • Dietary assessment

Summarise consultation session to ensure patient has all required information and treatment procedure

*A pet healthcare insurance rebate is available with a referral from your local veterinarian.

Case Studies


Our animal naturopathic clinic is at the forefront of complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) for pets.

Our vision is to promote nutritional and therapeutic medicines as a key element to Australia’s overall pet industry.

At Natural Animal Solutions, we’re working hard to bring forward serviceses that can improve your pet’s lifestyle, reduce pain and promote wellbeing.


Natural Animal Solutions are at the forefront of research and innovation in Australia and regularly attend the latest medical research seminars for the latest medicines updates and techniques.

We work with leaders in the naturopathic manufacturing industry to provide unique ingredients never before available in Australia and based upon proven naturopathic methodologies.

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During these uncertain times we’d like to re-assure you that Natural Animal Solutions will continue to remain open and fully operational as the nation deals with COVID-19.