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You will be happy to know NAS will continue to deliver it’s renowned range of supplements World Wide to any address to any pet every day.

We are unable to offer delivery at this time for our frozen food ranges FreshRAW, FreshRAW Plus & NAS Aquatics. To find your local stockist please click here and enter your address details and a list of local stockists will be displayed.

Super Premium & Complete Foods

What is 

Here at NAS, we understand the benefits and power of raw nutrition, we believe in it, we recommend it and now we have created our own.

NAS Aquatics is a range of fresh/frozen complete meals for carnivorous & omnivorous freshwater turtles. Developed in-house by our nutritionist and using worldwide research we have created a range of daily foods using the finest local ingredients available. 

Feeding NAS Aquatics is easy! Each tray has been split into 40 portions of food. Each tray has a clickable lid to keep the remaining portions clean and fresh (no messy foil seals which do not stick after opening.

Simply take the tray out of the freezer, pop out the required portions, replace the lid and place the tray back into the freezer. Our meals are complete and balanced meaning nothing else is required to be added. Simply serve and let them enjoy!

This is what you will find in our nutritionist developed complete meals

Supporting local farmers

We support Australian Farmers by sourcing fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables locally

Premium protein sources

Our fresh whole fish is delivered to us quite literally straight from the boat and our premium meat protein is sourced from local farmers

Boosted with superfoods

We boost our foods with Certified Organic superfoods to nutritionally supercharge our recipes

Natural Flavours

Our food is deliciously tasty as all we use is simply whole foods. We don’t add any extra flavours, colours or preservatives. Turtle’s love the taste of NAS Aquatics

Honest ingredients

Our recipes contain only the finest locally sourced ingredients and do not contain any cheap fillers, flavours or cost cutting ingredients. What you see is exactly what you get!

Health benefits of NAS Aquatics turtle food

Immune booster

Boost metabolism

Maintain skin health

Maintain eye health

strong and healthy shell

enhanced energy levels

The Aquatics Difference

1. Knowledge and experience

Our recipes have been developed from within our clinic by our own nutrition and naturopathic specialist in conjunction with worldwide research.

2. Product support by qualified nutritionists

When you have a question or require support with NAS Aquatics, you can speak to our team. Our nutritionist and naturopath are on-hand to make sure that you are getting the right answers and support you require every time.

3. Food processing

NAS Aquatics is manufactured in our fully licensed food processing facility. With regular auditing by governing bodies, We follow strict quality and temperature controlled processes to ensure we are delivering the freshest food for your pets.

4. The clinic and nutrition

Our animal naturopathic clinic is run by a nationally recognised animal naturopath and nutritionist. We have been successfully treating health issues for dogs, cats and all small animals for the past 15 years. This has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to create the finest food available. Your turtle’s health is in safe hands with NAS.

5. Convenient Packaging

We believe in making feeding healthy, easy & convenient. We have chosen a tray with a secure lid which can be replaced every time your turtle is fed. The pop-out portions allows for feeding your turtle without touching the food to stop contamination and the food is kept clean and fresh with the secure, resealable lid.

6. The NAS Do’s & Dont’s

To make the finest turtle food available it’s important to follow strict rules. We only include the finest ingredients and never add any cheap fillers or cost cutting ingredients. 

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