Cats, being obligate carnivores, require more than just a balanced score card when it comes to nutrition, they also require the correct ingredients suitable for their digestive system.

A cat’s brain is wired to hunt more so than dogs as their bodies need nourishment every day.  A cat cannot be starved for longer than 24 – 36 hours as their organs start to shut down, causing irreversible damage.  Therefore, their digestive system needs efficient fuel once to twice a day.

A healthy digestive system for cats is created when their diet allows for high acidity in their stomach and a low pH level (1 or below) within the gut, allowing them to digest meat and bones quickly.  Yes, cats enjoy bones as well!  Removing all “fast food” from a cat’s diet and adding an appropriate fresh, raw diet also allows their bodies to absorb maximum nutrients without adding unnecessary strain on internal organs.

When nutrients are absorbed correctly and the digestive system is functioning at its best.  All other organs will function as they should without being overworked, which can cause health related issues, both long and short term.  Nutrients are then able to nourish organs such as skin, heart, kidneys, liver and all other bodily functions required.

Natural Animal Solutions has designed the perfect food for cats which is a naturopathic blend of fresh, raw ingredients using a single protein source and is low in carbohydrates.  You can trust our food is not only nutritionally balanced but all ingredients are appropriate for your cat’s health.